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The Mill

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil temple: The Mill

The mill is the place where the olive is cleaned, processed, crushed to turn into oil.

Our mill is a very sacred place. Respected, loved and cared for because we have always known that to make a good extra virgin olive oil together with high-quality olives, the process and the place of production are essential.

The collective experience of growers and our entire company is enriched by a commitment to research. Since 1968, we have tried to try, on each occasion, what new technologies can give us, without betraying tradition.

Thanks to this innovative spirit our mill is now at the forefront of machinery and production control systems as well as environmental sustainability.

In 2009, we installed the first photovoltaic system of Umbria, the largest, for an extra virgin olive oil mill: 90 km covering the entire production cycle demand. This innovation has been strongly supported by the entire team that in recent years has learned to love the land and understand that it can give good results only if respected and protected.

Two years later we have opened a new all stainless steel mill: slow crusher, a leak-proof closures kneading and a temperature control system that ensures the best preservation of the organoleptic and nutritional properties of olive oil.

The new plant, a continuous two-cold stage production cycle is remotely monitored via ADSL and UMTS. From the service centre the temperatures of  pulp, water and oil manufacturing, the timing of kneading and any possible malfunctions. In this way, engineers can give timely notice to the mill or to the local shop and solve the problem.