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White Torrecandia D.O.C. Todi

White Torrecandia D.O.C. Todi

Grechetto and Chardonnay
For starters, soups and white meat
Bottle of 750ml

A white wine that takes its name from an ancient watchtower close to Chioano, a fraction of Todi.

Obtained from a perfect balance of Grechetto (50%) and Chardonnay (50%) that make it fresh and structured at the same time. It is a fine wine also because of the way it is produced: in the wine cellar the grapes are loaded into the presses that allow a soft pressing, to obtain only the best of the grape.

The Grechetto grapes add intensity and structure to this wine, while Chardonnay, with its intense freshness, makes it extremely pleasant to drink.

In the kitchen
Serve at 12 ° with starters, not spicy soups, white meat.


Available size
750ml Bottle

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