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Colfiorito‘s Plateau Mixed Grain and Legume Soup

Colfiorito‘s Plateau Mixed Grain and Legume Soup

Beans, grass peas, lentils and chickpeas
Barley and chickling vetch
500 gr bag (6/servings)

A complete meal, rich in fiber and with a very high nutritional value. The balanced intake of grains and legumes, make it an excellent first course of the Mediterranean diet.

In the kitchen
The best way to enjoy it is to simply season it with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little grated “Pecorino” cheese.
The amount of a bag is enough for 6/7 servings

Ingredients: pinto beans, “cannellini” beans, chickling vetch, barley, Colfiorito’s lentils, pearl barley, lentils with their husk removed, chickpeas.
Allergens: Gluten

Available in
500 gr bag

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