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Colfiorito‘s Plateau Lentils

Colfiorito‘s Plateau Lentils

Colfiorito lentils
Easy to cook
500 gr bag (6/7 servings)

Typical lentils grown and produced on Colfiorito’ plateau at about 1000 meters, where the nature of the soil and the environmentally friendly manufacturing system give the product excellent natural cooking quality, taste and digestibility. In Umbria, this Leguminosae is located only in restricted areas of the plateau (Castelluccio and Colfiorito), where the climatic and soil conditions make this product flavour, and ease of cooking, very valuable.

In the kitchen
Best dressed, after cooking, only with a little good Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Alternative seasoning: fry together oil, tomato, garlic, and parsley and add it to the lentils at the end of the cooking time.
The amount of a bag is enough for 6/7 servings.

Ingredients: lentils

Available in
500 gr bag

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