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Colfiorito’s Plateau Emmer Wheat

Colfiorito’s Plateau Emmer Wheat

Emmer Wheat triticum durum dicoccum
From: Colfiorito
500 gr bag (7/8 servings)

Emmer wheat variety Triticum durum dicoccum grown and produced on Colfiorito’ plateau at about 1000 meters.

It is the oldest cereal that persists to this day, already used in Etruscan cooking. It is a dietary food easily digested, especially this variety. Over the centuries, the peasant cooking widely resorted to emmer wheat: rich in carbohydrates, calcium, and phosphorus. A soup with emmer wheat and legumes, make it possible to obtain a dish with the same amount of proteins and other nutrients as meat. Its main feature is its antioxidant power due to the high content of selenium and phytic acid.

In the kitchen
Great rice substitute, good in diets.
The amount of an emmer wheat bag is enough for 7/8 servings.

Ingredients: emmer wheat
Allergens: Gluten

Available in
500 gr bag

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