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Colfiorito‘s Plateau Chickpeas

Colfiorito‘s Plateau Chickpeas

Colfiorito’s dried chickpeas
Consume after soaking
500 gr bag

The chickpeas are grown from time immemorial in all the countries of the Mediterranean basin. The term “arietinum” comes from the seed’s shape that looks like the ram’s head. Indeed, looking carefully, you can see even the shape of the horns. Chickpeas are of ancient origin: during Egyptian times, they were the slave’s poor meal, while the Romans loved them fried in olive oil.
The Colfiorito Chickpeas are easy to cook, nutritious and energizing.

In the kitchen
To better digest and enjoy them, cook with garlic, laurel, and tomatoes. At the end of cooking add Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little salt.

Ingredients: chickpeas

Available in
500 gr bag

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