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Colfiorito‘s Plateau Chickling Vetch

Colfiorito‘s Plateau Chickling Vetch

Colfiorito’s Chicklings
Soak for at least 12 hours
500 gr bag

Chickling Vetch, now forgotten legume, is grown almost exclusively in certain areas of Umbria and Marche. Also, known as “cecere” was widespread in many areas of our region. Today, after a period of almost complete divestment of crops, cultivation has been resumed in the Colfiorito’s plateau, at about 1000 meters. Like all legumes, it has interesting nutritional properties, both for the protein and starch high content, and for the low amount of fat.

In the kitchen
Chickling Vetch are only found dry and are subjected to a long soak of at least 12 hours before cooking.
Chickling Vetch is used by creative cooks in many recipes.

Ingredients: Chickling Vetch

Available in
500 gr bag

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