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Bronze wire drawings
Slow drying
500 gr

Strangozzi “Pasta di Trevi” are produced using only selected durum-wheat semolina, to reach that unique flavour and firm texture.

Like a “Tagliolino”, but thicker, they are handcrafted with bronze wire drawings that make Strangozzi’s surface rougher for holding sauces. The slow drying at low temperature also avoids that pasta will break while cooking.

“Strangozzi” is a typical Umbrian shape of pasta.  They are named after the shoes’ strings with which the Umbrian rioters, still under the rule of the Papal States, strangled clerics passing by. 

In the kitchen
Excellent with spicy tomato sauce, with truffles, mushrooms and “pesto”.

Allergens: Gluten

Available in
500 gr Box – Price 3,00 € (Pack of 3 box – Price 9,00 €)

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Weight 1.62 kg