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Egg Pappardelle

Egg Pappardelle

Bronze wire-drawings
Slow drying
500 gr

The Egg Pappardelle “Pasta di Trevi” are produced exclusively with selected durum wheat semolina and the best eggs.

The Pappardelle’s unique flavour and meaty texture are the result of the way of processing pasta and the choice of healthy and genuine ingredients.

The handcrafting use of bronze wire drawings makes Pappardelle’s surface rougher for holding sauces. The slow drying at low temperature also avoids that pasta will break while cooking.

In the kitchen
The best way to taste the dough is to get them with meat or venison sauces, or with creamy sauces well distributed over the pasta’s surface.

Allergens: gluten, eggs

Available in
Box of 500 gr Price € 3,20 (Pack of 3 – € 9,60)

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Weight 1.62 kg