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Trevi DOP Umbria olive oil

Trevi DOP Umbria olive oil

Only from Moraiolo olives
Bitter and spicy aftertaste
From: 500 ml, 1 l, 3 l

Extra Virgin Olive Oil only obtained from Moraiolo olives with their intense features, strong and full-bodied, with a pleasantly bitter and spicy aftertaste.

Obtained by cold pressing, from olives harvested first ripe in October and pressed within 12 hours.

Olio Trevi D.O.P.  Umbria is the best you can have from the olive groves and the Trevi oil tradition, with its perfumes and y unique flavours.

In the kitchen
Recommended on all the dishes with pronounced flavours, such as bruschetta, salads, red meat, grilled meat and vegetables, boiled and vegetable soups.

3 litre tin
1 litre bottle with case
500 ml bottle with case


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