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Famiglia olive oil

Famiglia olive oil

Fruity, full-bodied and strong
Spicy with a bitter aftertaste
From: 500 ml, 1 l, 5 l

Extra Virgin Olive Oil fruity, full-bodied and strong, pleasantly spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste.

The label Olio Famiglia has innovated our history: the skilled growers who had just gathered in cooperative, decided to leave the bulk oil sale and create their own label. It still represents the majority of our production.

Obtained by cold extraction, from hand-picked olives in the period between October and November.

In the kitchen
Recommended raw on all dishes with strong flavours as legumes, bruschetta, salads, meats, and vegetables. Cooked to prepare sauces and fries.

5 litre tin
1 litre bottle
500 ml bottle


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