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Elite olive oil

Elite olive oil

Delicate, fruity and round flavour
Elegant and graceful
From: 500 ml, 1 l, 5 l

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a delicate flavour, finely fruity and round, emerald green. Unmistakable for its smart features and graceful, very pleasing to children.

Thanks to a brilliant intuition of Maestro Taster Guerrino Perrotti, Olio Elite comes from the selection of the most delicate and harmonious products of each milling.

Obtained by cold pressing, from half ripe olives harvested in November.

In the kitchen
Excellent on every dish. Perfect with fish, shellfish, vegetable soups, risotto, white meat, pesto, and all dishes with delicate flavours.

5 litre tin
1 litre bottle with carton
500 ml bottle with carton


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