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Bath/shower body wash with extra virgin olive oil

Bath/shower body wash with extra virgin olive oil

Gentle and safe body wash 
Ideal for sensitive skins
250 ml bottle

The bath/ shower body wash with extra virgin olive oil, has a delicate fragrance, it cleanses and tones the skin leaving it smooth and supple, and preserves its natural physiological balance.

Its acid PH and safe and non-aggressive ingredients, are suitable for morphologically sensitive skins, or for skins damaged by the use of sensitizing agents

The water-soluble multivitamin complex – Panthenol, pantothenate (vitamin B5) and Niacinamide (vitamin PP) – nourishes and activates the skin; the extra virgin olive oil completes the treatment by acting on the oxidative damage suffered during the day.

Recommended for
All skin types, even sensitive ones

250 ml bottle

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