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A quality product of a natural instinct for oil production

In Trevi, we have a natural instinct to produce extra virgin olive oil. We have acquired this instinct with the experiences of many earlier generations who have grown and produced olive oil in the most adverse weather conditions and often despite strong political storms.
The producers who, in 1968 decided to join, brought with them this natural instinct and were willing to innovate, that led them to understand the importance of sharing their experiences.
Today we know that it is the blend of tradition and innovation that makes our oil’s quality so high.

A clear product specification to get a good oil

At the beginning of their collaboration growers established a very strict internal disciplinary to keep the high quality of the oil produced.

Then and now our olives must:

  • come from the Trevi territory, to ensure the protected designation of origin;
  • be harvested directly from the tree at the beginning of ripening, to ensure the best organoleptic characteristics of the product;
  • be delivered to the mill within hours after harvest, to ensure the fruit maximum freshness and wholesomeness
  • be milled within 12 hours, to ensure the oil has very low-level acidity and no taste defects.

We add to these rules the choice of the cold extraction that allows to preserve the characteristics of the oil and the typical aromas of the area: olive, artichoke and asparagus.
The uniqueness and particularity of the Trevi territory gives a rich and complex personality to our production. The olive groves cover an area of ​​about 300 hectares in the Trevi, Foligno and Campello sul Clitunno municipalities. These plants were born in a calcareous, very rough and poor in humus area, located at 300 to 600 m, with a dry climate that does not allow the reproduction of the “oil fly”.

The first label: another great innovation

On this basis, the growers decided it was time to experiment again: they stopped the sale of unpackaged oil almost entirely to create the first label, Olio Famiglia.
Olio Famiglia still exists today, it is fruity, full-bodied and firm. An oil just a little spicy and with a slightly bitter aftertaste: the very essence of the Trevi lands.

Tasting: our compass to quality

Another innovative step of the Cooperative dates back a few years later, we are now in 1974: the renowned Master Taster Guerrino Perotti (born in 1915) was called to work at the mill.  He was the greatest exponent of the ancient Umbrian school of taste, during his career, he held the position of head of purchases of oil for the Agricultural Consortium of Perugia and was a member of the selection board of the National Competition “Ercole Olivario”.
And the second label of our history, 1985 Olio Elite, is the result of his brilliant insight.  A delicate fruity and round oil born from the evaluation and selection, each milling, of the sweetest and delicate quality of olives, together with a first-class experience in tasting.

Today the Guerrino Perotti legacy is carried on by seven Tasters Masters, all them his students, who test their twenty years of experience each day of each new production.

Innovation, quality and certification

The creation of our third label, Olio Trevi, dates back to the ’90s. A choice made over years of experimentation and rewarded not only by a great-tasting, highly traditional, strong and fruity flavour, but also from the contribution, first in Umbria, of the Protected Designation of Origin Umbria Colli Assisi Spoleto, the European Union brand that guarantees the origin, the uniqueness and quality of our oil.