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About Us

From a tradition rich in experience

We are our oil. And our oil is an extra virgin olive oil, rich in
tradition, land, love, and cooperation.

Everything began in 1968, some Trevi’s growers decided to meet the new challenge of an expanding market together. They started a co-operative and in a short time there were already 59 producers mixing knowledge and taste with know-how and skill. 59 experts who write a strict disciplinary that talks about locally sourced olives, milling within 12 hours from harvest, cold extraction. All rules we still follow.

The olive growers, made stronger by this shared experience, soon begin to explore new avenues. They stopped the sale of unpackaged oil and create their own label. A label that still exists: Olio Famiglia retains those typical fruity flavours of Trevi, olive, artichoke and asparagus, which was already famous throughout the region.

Just over a decade and the Cooperative is ready for a new step: in 1985 it became Società Agricola Trevi “Frantoio” Srl. In the same year, it produced a new oil selection, a sweeter and more delicate quality, born from a first-class experience in tasting: Olio Elite.
And soon, we foothold in the market with an innovative strategy: we only sell to families with home delivery.


Frantoio oil: from Trevi a certified quality

In the 90s we get the first official certifications, renovated and adapted up to today with the ISO 9001: 2000 (2008). In 1998-99 we get the attribution of D.O.P Umbria Colli Assisi – Spoleto for the olive oil season. We are then the first, in Umbria, to get the Protected Designation of Origin for the new brand, Olio Trevi, a certification that rewards years of hard work and constant research, always with the greatest respect for the Trevi oil tradition.

In the new millennium in the Frantoio tradition and innovation wed

In 2009, we set up the first photovoltaic system of Umbria, the largest for an extra virgin olive oil mill, 90 km, covering the entire requirement of the chain production. A choice born from the love for a land that can produce good results only if deeply respected and protected.

Only two years later, in 2011, we inaugurate the new mill, a cold two-stage continuous cycle, with machinery constantly monitored to ensure the extra virgin olive oil valuable organoleptic and nutritional quality.

From 1968 up to now, from the Co-operative to the Firm, everything has change in order to nothing would change. Because our love and respect for a rich, good and healthy product such as extra virgin olive oil could continue to keep intact a quality resulting from experience and tradition.